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Investment Financing

Investment Financing

As our money markets show strain for their investors, more and more consumers are rethinking their investment strategy and looking to broaden their portfolio. Ontario Equity offers professional investment lending for all investors, novice or expert. Whether you are looking at buying your first rental property or you want to purchase a multifamily complex, we can assist in arranging the financing for you through our large network of lenders who specialize in mortgages for investment purposes.

Another area of interest within the last 3 years has been the refinance of mortgages to purchase safe market investments. Ontario Equity has had many clients who have not been able to take advantage of their maximum RRSP contributions within the last few years. With the mortgage rates at their lowest in over 30 years many clients have begun to realize that they can use the equity in their home to build up their RRSP contributions and therefore receive the tax breaks they were not eligible for previously. Other clients have decided to venture out into business for themselves and have found that they have startup capital sitting in their own home. This has helped many new businesses in their first few years by keeping their interest costs and loans to a minimum and allowing them to concentrate on their business and still have manageable mortgage payments. Having more financial freedom is everyone’s dream and goal. Ontario Equity’s service and products can help you achieve this personal goal easier then ever before!

Our online mortgage application is formulated to collect enough information so that we may work on it immediately. You will receive options and information that surpass the competition. We take pride in offering the best rates and service the first time without the hassle of shopping further. With all serious investments time is the most important factor in your strategy, let Ontario Equity assist in utilizing your time to it’s fullest by giving us the task of securing your financing so that you can deal with the rest of the transaction.

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