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Debt Consolidation (Refinancing) Mortgage Loans

Debt consolidation is clearly becoming advantageous to today’s consumer. With current mortgage finance rates at an all time low, more and more consumers are finding this the best way to reduce high interest loans and credit card balances.

Ontario Equity provides full debt consolidation services through mortgage refinancing. Often the new mortgage that we arrange can save our clients up to 75% on their monthly credit bills. Our professionally trained and experienced brokers can have new financing arranged in a timely manner, thus saving you money from those high interest credit cards and finance companies.

"Our studies have shown that a high interest credit card or finance company can profit many times over because they allow for very low payments that do not target the principal of your loan or balance."

Fact: Making the minimum payment of 2% ($200 to start) on $10,000 of credit at 18% interest will cost you $38,930 and take 57 years to pay off!

By refinancing your mortgage and paying off high interest debts you can prevent any unnecessary profit for large credit card companies while saving more money for yourself each month.

As refinancing becomes more popular, major lenders in Canada welcome prospective clients by offering a variety of products for any debt consolidation situation. Ontario Equity has excellent relationships with every major lender in Canada to ensure that our clients receive the best service and mortgage product for their own personal needs.

A popular misconception with debt consolidation is that a second mortgage must be added and the existing first mortgage must stay in position. Many people are also led to believe that there are always fees involved with a debt consolidation mortgage. This is not the case. Many second mortgages have much higher interest rates and some involve fees. Most mortgages can be arranged to accommodate payout penalties and legal fees as well, so there is no out of pocket cost to you. We believe in providing superior service to our clients by arranging better terms and rates free of charge!!

Existing Mortgage
Property Value$170,000
Mortgage Balance$130,000
Interest Rate8.2 %
Term5 year
Monthly Payments
Credit Card ($8000)$250.00
Other Debt ($3000)$150.00
Total Payments$1,421.43
Ontario Equity Mortgage
Property Value$170,000
Mortgage Balance$141,000
Interest Rate5.75 %
Term5 year
New Monthly Payments
Credit Card ($0)$0.00
Debt ($0)$0.00
One Payment$898.81
Total Savings$522.52

The chart shown above is a true example of how much money one particular client saved every month by not delaying and refinancing their mortgage early. This client had many credit card and loan balances that would have taken decades to pay them off if she made only the minimum payments required. By using our services, she not only received a better mortgage rate than she initially had, but she also managed to pay off all her debt, plus have a much better mortgage payment than before.

This entire debt consolidation process took less then one week. So stop paying those high interest rates and consolidate your debt with one of Ontario Equity's low interest mortgages!

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